marc ix
march 25-30, 2012

call for papers

The conference will include both oral and poster sessions grouped around specific topics. Poster sessions will be organized around specific themes, similar, or in addition, to those included in the oral sessions. Continuing the policy of previous MARC conferences, it is anticipated that papers presented at the conference will be peer reviewed and published in serial volumes of the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry.

The first call for papers will be issued in January 2011 and the conference dates have preliminarily been set as March 25-30, 2012. Please see below for the deadlines and the link to the 1st Call may be found on the rights side of the website.

tentative timelines

Abstracts due: December 1, 2011
Notification to authors: December 15, 2011
Preliminary program: January 15, 2011
Draft Papers Due: At conference at Authors Desk
Preferred return of reviews: May 15, 2012
DEADLINE for reviews to Program Chair: June 1, 2012


Abstracts are due on December 1, 2011. The MARC IX Abstract Entry form must be used and can be accessed by clicking on the link located in this section or on the right side of the web page. You must use this form to submit an abstract. The abstract should be emailed to An example abstract has been provided. Authors will receive notification of receipt of the abstract within a few days of receipt. Please contact Sam Glover with any questions.

preliminary program

The preliminary program will be available by February 2012.

presentation requirements

Please see the link for guidelines for oral and poster presentations at the conference. Oral presentation will be by computer (PowerPoint) and overheads. The organizers strongly encourage the presenters to have backup overheads prepared in case of problems! No facilities for preparation of overheads will be provided by the conference. Finally, those authors who will present PowerPoint slides must provide the file to the author desk the day prior to the session. This will help insure that we don't lose time while waiting for a problem file to load or suffer from incompatibility. The computers at the conference will be running Microsoft Office products (PowerPoint) so plan accordingly.


preparation of DRAFT manuscripts

Please click on the link below for the requirements for the preparation of manuscripts for the MARC IX conference for publication in the Journal or Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Please note that the manuscripts must be in final journal format (figures at the end, etc) when they are submitted for review. The review will be conducted using electronic versions of the documents, so high quality laser copies should not be prepared for the review process (but will be required for the Journal). Furthermore, the paper that are deemed to require major corrections will be rejected by the reviewers. Authors will be allowed to make minor corrections following the review and submit the paper to the Program Chair.

Bring 2 hardcopies and an electronic copy (a single file, either pdf or word format) which will allow for simple email distribution to the reviewers.



acceptance of manuscripts and submission of final manuscripts

Following the completion of the review, the program chair will contact the author to indicated acceptance, acceptance with minor changes required, or rejection. No paper with major corrections will be accepted to improve the timeliness of the publication process.

MARC IX Documents

First Call
Abstract Entry
Abstract Entry Example

Message Board

The International Committee on Activation Analysis and the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry have selected the MARC IX conference to host the 2012 Hevesy Medal Award. Additional information will be posted soon.

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