MARC XII Tentative Tracks and Sessions

  1. General Call for Papers
  2. Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Track
    1. Radiochronometry Techniques and Nuclear Data for Nuclear Forensics
    2. Advances in Microscopy, Imaging, and Spatially Resolved Methods for Nuclear
    3. Forensics
    4. Application of Nuclear Techniques to Treaty Monitoring
      Actinide Mass Spectrometry for Treaty Monitoring and Nuclear Forensics
  3. Environmental Radioactivity Track
    1. Ultra-sensitive Mass Spectrometric and Radiometric Methods Applied to Environmental and Space Applications
    2. Forensic Methods, Analysis and Applications of Wide Area Monitoring for Environmental Releases
    3. Methods and Applications for Radioecology: Lessons learned from weapons testing and radiological accidents
  4. Activation Analysis, Neutron Beam and Imaging Track
    1. Instrumental, Preconcentration, Radiochemical and Speciation Activation Analysis
    2. Development and Application of Nuclear Analytical Methods with Neutron Beam Technologies
    3. Advances in Radiation Imaging and Their Applications
  5. Analytical Methods of Fission Products and Fuels Track
    1. Advances in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Improvements in High Activity Separations
    2. Salt Chemistry and Radiochemistry in Support of Molten Salt Reactors
    3. Analytical and Electrochemical Technology Development for Pyroprocessing
  6. Nuclear Science and Education Track
    1. Advances in Actinide Chemistry
    2. Current Needs and Future Challenges for Nuclear and Radiological Reference Materials
    3. Separation Chemistry and Target Preparation for Nuclear Chemistry Experiments
    4. Isotope Production and Applications: Medical, Space, Nuclear Security, Nonproliferation, and Geochemistry Applications
    5. International Status and Challenges of Radiochemistry Education and Training