MARC Conference

Aloha MARC XII Presenters & Potential Authors

Aloha MARC XII Presenters (and potential authors)

For the second email for presenters of the night. We have received special permission to begin the manuscript review process with the JRNC. Please forward it to colleagues who may need the information but are not the corresponding author.

Continuing the policy of previous MARC conferences, selected papers presented at the conference will be published as part of the MARC Conference special publication within the serial volumes of the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. Papers presented in either the oral or poster sessions are both eligible to be included, it is the author’s choice if they choose to submit a paper. We strongly encourage everyone who submits an abstract to consider writing up a high-quality manuscript for publication.

*While the MARC conference includes education and training topics, those papers are not eligible to be published as part of the Special Issue of Select Papers from MARC XII in accordance with JRNC policy. Please contact Sam Glover with any questions regarding eligibility.

I am very grateful that the JRNC has agreed to allow us to start the manuscript upload at this time!

So I am requesting that you consider going ahead and uploading your high-quality manuscripts for the peer review process for publication as part of the MARC Conference special issue at this time (the process will close at the end of the conference). This will allow us to begin to work on the publication process to expedite post-conference efforts. I really appreciate the opportunity to get the publication process started so we can shoot to have it all wrapped up by the end of the year.

These publications must be presented at MARC to be included in the Special Issue. If for some reason a manuscript is submitted but does not get presented at MARC, it will be published in the regular JRNC issues.

Our colleague Tibor Kocsor at the JRNC ( has prepared instructions regarding uploading your manuscripts and also please find attached the template to be used for the manuscript preparation.

You may submit your manuscript for review beginning now until the end of the conference. As manuscripts come in I will track them and make assignments for peer review.

When you submit a manuscript the system will send you a tracking number, I try to keep track of these so they don’t get lost in the system. If you could forward the email to me I greatly appreciate it. It also helps to carefully follow the instructions (like putting your log number in the comments section as it requests). Just helps me cross-check everything!

==>I also have included a few notes on the process that has worked very well for 20 years (MARC_XII_ManuscriptPreparationNotes.pdf) if you find them informative and helpful. We usually do this right before the start of the conference but at this time you may consider this permission to begin the process! We will not collect any manuscripts at the conference relying solely on the JRNC process but will use the conference as a chance to check with everyone to make sure we have a good list of manuscripts that were submitted and to make sure the review process is proceeding in good order.

I plan to close the acceptance of manuscripts by April 11th, 2022 so we can concentrate on completing the review process, but submitting them early is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Tibor with any questions.

Best regards

Samuel E. Glover, PhD
MARC XII Program Chair>